PMAP (Professional Mine Water Action Plan) President and principal engineer will be presenting at Petroleum Technology Alliance Canada on February 13th, 2024. He will be presenting about the possible applications of PMAP in the oil and gas industry: PMAP revolutionizes oil sand tailings treatment by employing an Unmanned Smart Dispensing Vessel (USDV) and eco-friendly reagents for in-situ wastewater treatment. In-situ treatment eliminates the need for utility power, making PMAP a sustainable, cost-effective solution for oil sand tailings, improving environmental impact and water treatment in the oil sand industry. Key technology components include the Unmanned Smart Dispensing Vessel (USDV) and controlled release of innovative neutralization reagents. The USDV optimizes treatment by continuously monitoring water in tailings and injecting the optimum reagent amount through iterative cycles. This adaptive learning process maximizes efficiency and minimizes costs. PMAP eliminates the need for large-scale treatment facilities, hence, reducing CAPEX. In addition, using the USDV cuts operating costs to %50. PMAP efficiently removes metals, including silica, nickel, copper, and cobalt, reducing arsenic, aluminum, and iron to undetectable levels. The PMAP reagent outperforms traditional methods, preventing pH overshoot and reducing sludge volume, boosting ESG scores.

Pmap Event