Our Technology

The Canadian mining sector is a cross-country presence, with mines in every province and territory contributing over $155 billion to the economy (7.8 percent of Canada’s GDP (2019)). As pressures on Canada’s mining sector grow, the sector as a whole is seeking to develop sustainable approaches to mining which in addition to contributing to the economy can protect the environment.

Treating and discharging Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) and processing water is an ongoing environmental challenge for the mining industry in North America and around the globe. Those streams, which were generally collected in tailings ponds, consist of heavy metals and other toxic contaminants that required neutralization and removal before discharging to the receiving environment. Due to the complexity of mine water issues and associated risks, selecting a proper water treatment approach has become a multi-criteria decision-making process with an adverse range of stakeholders. PMAP provides an innovative, smart, agile, cost-effective, and transformational method for ARD and processing waters treatment in the mining industry.


‘PMAP’s core technology is built upon the advancement of a novel chemical formulation and an intelligent dispensing system for pointwise distribution of reagents. The PMAP team has successfully developed a non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and biocompatible reagent that effectively neutralizes mine wastewater. What sets PMAP apart, is its patented revolutionary chemical formula for wastewater treatment coupled with an Unmanned Smart Dispensing Vessel (USDV) to optimize mining operations.

The use of artificial intelligence prevents excessive consumption of the neutralization reagent and, in conjunction with the patented formula, would guarantee the final pH at the desirable range.

The patented formula could be used in either PMAP technology or could be modified for application at the existing lime treatment plants. The PMAP technology is the most advanced and futuristic green technology for mine water treatment.

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