Baymag Inc. and PMAP Mine Water Corporation Join Forces to Revolutionize Mining Wastewater Treatment

Baymag Inc. and PMAP Mine Water Corporation Join Forces to Revolutionize Mining Wastewater Treatment

Pmap Team

Calgary and Vancouver, April 4, 2024 – Baymag Inc. and PMAP Mine Water Corporation are proud to announce the commencement of their collaborative efforts aimed at transforming wastewater treatment within the mining industry. This historic partnership marks a significant milestone in sustainable mining practices and environmental stewardship. The collaboration, initiated by the signing of a Letter of Intent on Monday, March 25th, 2024, in Calgary, sets the stage for a multifaceted approach to leverage magnesium oxide (MgO) as a major component for an innovative alternative reagent in treating mining wastewater. This new revolutionary approach incorporates advanced AI technology to offer an effective, low-cost method of treating mining wastewater to adjust pH and remove undesirable contaminants to meet environmental release standards. The technology also offers, the potential added benefit of recovering marketable critical minerals.

Recognizing the pressing need for eco-friendly and cost-effective solutions, Baymag Inc. and PMAP Mine Water Corporation have united their expertise to introduce MgO-based wastewater treatment technologies to the mining sector. Through this strategic alliance, both companies are committed to driving advancements in sustainability and efficiency across the mining industry.

“Mining wastewater treatment represents a critical aspect of responsible mining practices,” stated Franz Spachtholz, Chairman of the board, President, and CEO at Baymag Inc. “By harnessing the benefits of magnesium oxide, we aim to revolutionize this process, offering mining companies a greener, more efficient solution that benefits in the reduction of tailings footprint and helps with mine permitting.”

Echoing this sentiment, Mohsen Barkh, President, and Principal Engineer at PMAP Mine Water Corporation, remarked, “Our partnership with Baymag Inc. signifies a pivotal moment in our collective efforts to address the environmental challenges associated with mining activities. Together, we are poised to redefine industry standards and pave the way for cost-effective sustainable water management.”

Key components of the collaboration include joint initiatives in marketing and sales to promote MgO-based solutions, collaborative R&D efforts to enhance product efficacy and performance as well as design and production of new reagent dispensing equipment, mutual investments to scale production capabilities, and share purchasing to foster long-term strategic alignment.

As pioneers in their respective fields, Baymag Inc. and PMAP Mine Water Corporation are committed to driving positive change based on continuous innovation, advancing technological innovation, and fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within the mining industry.

About Baymag Inc.:

Baymag Inc., a member of the Refratechnik Group of companies, a leading provider of magnesia-based products, and Canada’s sole producer of magnesium oxide, committed to delivering innovative solutions for various markets and applications. Calcined magnesium oxide is used for a variety of applications, including environmental processes, industrial operations, and agriculture. With a focus on sustainability and performance, Baymag Inc. aims to redefine industry standards through continuous technological advancements. Baymag believes that PMAP’s progressive innovations in wastewater treatment can pave the way for bringing MgO to the forefront of mining wastewater treatment.

About PMAP Mine Water Corporation:

PMAP Mine Water Corporation specializes in providing comprehensive water treatment solutions tailored to the mining sector. With a commitment to revolutionizing wastewater treatment in mining and operational excellence with its innovative reagents and dispensing equipment (including its unmanned smart dispensing vessel-USDV), PMAP offers cutting-edge technologies and services designed to mitigate the environmental liabilities of mining activities. PMAP believes scaling up of its innovative methods for wastewater treatment and the smooth delivery of wastewater services depends on a close partnership with Baymag.

Together, Baymag and PMAP are driving progress towards a more sustainable and greener future for the mining industry, one drop at a time.