PMAP president and principal engineer, Mohsen Barkh, is offering a webinar about the application of AI in mine wastewater treatment at British Columbia’s Engineers and Geoscientists Association on March 21st, 2024. This course delves into the realm of mine wastewater treatment and explores the array of existing technologies designed to tackle the challenges posed by the industry. A concise examination of the advantages and limitations inherent in each technology will provide participants with a comprehensive industry overview. Moreover, significant emphasis will be placed on the chemical precipitation technology, which stands as the pioneer and the most prevalent approach to mine wastewater treatment. The subsequent segment of the course will introduce a pioneering application of Artificial Intelligence for the in-situ treatment of Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) and acidic mine water. This cutting-edge approach utilizes a nonhazardous and environmentally friendly reagent, representing a remarkable leap forward in sustainable mine water treatment practices. The course will also unveil select analytical findings, offering attendees a glimpse into the tangible outcomes of this novel approach.

Further information about the webinar and the registration process can be found here.

Event update: Registration is closed for the March 21st webinar. A second webinar will be held on May 23rd. Details for registration is posted on the association website: